About Mousuni

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What is Mousuni?

Mousuni is a small island of the Sunderban Delta. Its beauty lies in the confluence of the sea with the river. Made by the British for transportation of salt and dry fish, Mousuni got its name from the Bengali words, “mosh ani" means “bringing Buffalo". When British people come to inspect the place they find out nobody lives in these islands but lots of people come here every day. When asked why they come here the locals responded, "mosh ani" i.e. they bring their buffaloes here to feed and so goes the name Mousuni.
The mainstay economy of the people here is agriculture and fishing. However the severe impacts of climate change has its toll on the lives of people here who were already having a precarious existence.

Why Mousuni?

Travel isn't about visiting a place for everyone. It's about living a place, making a place part of your life's story and be a part of their story a s well. This is what we call today as offbeat travel. Mousuni is one of those stories that you must listen and be a part of it. Mousuni is as much a story of pristine natural beauty, beautiful beaches, village songs, picturesque sunrises and sunsets as it’s a story of pain, loss, disaster and endless struggle. Mousuni is a story that will surely touch your heart and leave a mark there.

How Mousuni is suffering?

Mousuni Island is a part of the Sunderban Delta that is hit hard by climate change. Climate change is not just a topic of debates here, rather it's a reality that have shaken the lives of people here.
The region has development constraints with a rapidly growing population, lack of proper transportation, energy services, health care and education. The precarious existence of the people here is made worse now by effects of the global climate change. Unpredictable rainfall, extreme weather, rising sea level, coastal erosion all these are not topics written in books here rather these are part of everyday suffering of the people here.

Your Stay

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Mousuni Island Backpackers' Camp

Your stay at our backpackers camp is going to be an unique and exciting experience in itself.. no this camp doesn't have the luxury of five star hotels, it have the luxury of billion stars, the luxury of the song of the sea and the music of the winds.
Starting from fishing to beach cycling, from playing volleyball in the sand dunes to laying idly with your favourite book on the hammock or looking at the magical sky during sunrise or sunset for hours sitting at the gazebo, our camp has a whole bunch of exciting experiences to offer.

Things To Do

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There is so much to explore in mousuni starting from the simpleness of village life, the folklores of fisherman colonies, the magical sunsets or the mangroves. You can for chase the large variety of birds with your binoculars, go for some fishing or play football on the beach with local kids. Also mousuni will offer you a real life picture of the dangers of sea level rise and global warming in the larger scale. You can just sit and relax or enjoy to your heart's content at the same time learn more about some of the harsh realities of life and how you can do something about it.


In mousuni you can learn so much from the local people. Moushuni is a land of endless struggle and survival against nature's fury. Here you can see the reality of global warming. The people here fight everyday to lead a normal life but still you will find happiness scattered everywhere. At the same time you can offer to help them in different possible ways. You can teach the local kids, sponsor someone's education or donate some books for the local schools


This place, it's stories and the experiences will definitely help you to grow as a human being. From learning new things to teaching someone mousuni will definitely help you to add some of the most wonderful memories of your life.


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